Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Year in Travel

The end of the year approaches, and the time for reflection of the events past is once again upon us. It's been a busy year and I'd like to take this time to review it and to start preparing for the new year at Graham's Travel blog.

As far as my travel adventures are concerned, 2009 was a busy year. I visited two new countries this year: Sweden and Italy. They were both a pleasure to experience, and I wrote about my visit to Sweden in Sweden: Food in Tubes, Fika and Assault. The other big trip I took was with my wife and our cat when we moved from Oregon to Massachusetts in late April of this year (see: Flying With a Cat).

Just prior to that move we went to the Treehouse Hotel in Southern Oregon which turned out to be just as much a misadventure as an actual adventure. You don't have to read the telling of the Treehouse Hotel ordeal linked above, but if you are considering a visit, you'd really should read it before you book your stay.

2009 had me Trapped in a Revolving Door, and I even defended TSA agents. Reviewing the events of they year has gotten me thinking about what's to happen in the year to come.

In 2010 I've got some interesting product reviews lined up which are always fun to write (and hopefully are fun to read as well), and I'll be taking a crack at video blogging as I recently received a Flip video camera as a gift. The videos should be an interesting train wreck to watch as I always get flustered in front of a camera. I'll try to have fun with it, but let me know if the videos are painful to watch.

To all of those that have become regular followers of this blog, I thank you and wish you a safe and productive new year.

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