Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Cold Truth About Pinball Wrist

Two weeks ago I discussed my passion for playing pinball while traveling in Pinball on the Road. What I didn't mention was that I injured myself while playing Pinball.

I was having a really great game on Pirates of the Caribbean, I was set to beat my personal best, when my ball was about to drain so I grabbed hold and shifted the game to the right. While I did save my ball momentarily, I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. Every time I pressed the left flipper with my index finger, the sharp pain came back. I abandoned my game and called it a night from playing pinball.

The next morning the pain subsided, but it still returned when I picked up heavier things. Weeks went by and the pain came and went until I decided it wasn't going away on its own. I went to see a doctor and after explaining what pinball was and getting back a clean x-ray, I was diagnosed with tendinitis of my left index finger.

Getting to the point, my left hand is to be immobilized and I'm not to type with it. This is making working on my blog more of physical challenge than it should be, but I'm hanging in there.

My posts may be shorter over the next few weeks while my tendon heals, but I will write something new each week. For now I have some exciting posts coming up that I can let you know about.

There will be two more entries in the regional cookie series and one of those, believe it or not, will be Oreos. I've got three product reviews in the works including a review of a spork that some silly marketing department calls a foon.

As always, I've got some trips coming up. In May I'll be in Akron, Ohio trying some of their micro brews and I'll be in Sudbury, ON to pick up some Coffee Crisp candy bars. No personal travel, but I've got other things in the works on that front.

Thank you for you continued support of Graham's travel blog. For now, I'm going to rest my good hand.

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