Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pro Grade Urinal Screens

I was in La Jolla California and I decided to have dinner at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island. Everything was going really well until I went to the bathroom. As I was relieving myself I looked down and noticed something odd. The urinal screen (the mesh plastic that holds the urinal cake in place) had some interesting notation on it. It noted that the screens were Professional Quality.

Of course this implies that there are armature quality urinal screens more readily available and that this particular model was superior and that you'd be a fool to purchase those "other" brands. The existence of such a product begs several questions:
What kind of traffic would dictate the need for a pro upgrade?
Is there a certain kind of urine that is more caustic (diet based)?
How much more is the pro model?
Who tests these kinds of things and how do they test them?
What makes it pro quality? Perhaps thicker plastic?
How does one go about deciding if the pro model is right for you?

I can almost see some of the pro quality urinal screen marketing material in my mind. Our new Pro Quality Urinal Screens are 45% more durable and stay looking new longer than traditional models. Made from a high density odor neutralizing propriety plastic that doesn't become brittle like the competition. Our BrightWhite feature resists staining and keeps your guests confident that you care about them...

I did end up having a Mr. Bali Hai in the souvenir mug, it was OK, I'll have something stronger next time though. The food reminded me of something that my grandmother would serve, heavy sweet sauces and heavy on the deep frying.

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